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Make 2012 the Best Thanksgiving Holiday with Family

Thanksgiving is here! The time of year when we are to be thankful for many things, most importantly, we are to be thankful for family and friends; grateful for another opportunity to enjoy each others company.

Many families from the outside looking in are extremely dysfunctional in nature. And some appear to be perfect in every way.

One thing we all know, there is often more going on than meets the public eye. Often we as family members are dealing with pasts hurts that we have yet to forgive, and we walk in to a family function with that issue unresolved. Though working on past pain takes an extreme amount of time, I am here to let you know that you can get through this holiday without letting your temper flare up or your broken emotions ruining yet another beautiful holiday.

Below I list 10 tips that will help you prepare for having a Thanksgiving that you can actually be extremely thankful for when the holiday comes to an end.

 1. Accept that your family is the one you were meant to have

Who we are and where we come from, from a deterministic perspective, is exactly how things are to be. Though we grow up and change a lot of who we are, in efforts to erase our past, we still biologically belong to a group of individuals who are, in simple words: our family. That family is who you were meant to have as a part of your life’s story. You may feel that a lot of who they are does not relate to anything you support or believe in anymore, but just remember that biologically those individuals are a part of your story and learning to accept that as truth, rather than turn your back on it, will make a huge difference in how you move forward from this point on.

2. Plan to forgive past hurts

Often times the person you are still so very angry at have moved on past the incident or incidents that caused your unresolved anger. Sometimes, the only person in the way of forgiving the past pain is you. Take a look at the situation. Spend a few hours or days meditating on what happened back then. Write your feelings out, or talk them out with a trusted source. Plan today to forgive the incident, even the painful ones. Walking into this stage of forgiveness is for your sake, not theirs.

3. Relax and embrace the spirit of the Holidays

Relax! Relate! Release!! Remember that? It is a memorable quote from a scene with Whitley on the TV show ‘A Different World’. And those three words are a great chant suggestion for you as your breathe in and out this holiday season.

The holidays have arrived and I want you to plan to make the 2012 holidays and beyond, the best you have ever had! Take some time to rent a few holiday movies. Go window shopping or shopping for holiday décor for your home. Stop by your nearest Starbucks and try one of the many holiday flavors. Sit in the coffee shop and just spend time alone with your coffee and your thoughts. Write down in your journal the things in your life that you are most thankful for.

Get in the spirit of the greatness that comes with Thanksgiving and the excitement of the Christmas holiday soon to follow

4. If possible, call to talk to family you are upset with, prior to Thanksgiving Day

We all know that saying, ‘be the bigger man, or gal, about it’.

 So you may already see where I am going with this one (smile).

 The spirit of kindness is flowing everywhere during the holiday season, so reaching out to participate in this one kind act will not be very difficult at all. Consider it your way to participate in the spirit of the holidays.

5. Go for Walks, get good Sleep days before

Long walks with great scenery are a proven mood lifting technique. And great sleep the night before a long day ahead is just what the ‘doctor’ has ordered for you. If you anticipate any sort of drama that typically happens when you visit or host a function for Thanksgiving Day, you want to be mentally prepared; walking and getting an adequate amount of sleep will help you in arriving to this state of mind. Listen to relaxing music as you walk, throughout the day and as you prepare for bed. Calm music is another healing technique towards a better and more relaxed you every day, as well as during the holidays.

6. Do not debate political discussions with anger

Election Day for 2012 was on November 6th, right? So let’s leave it right there if you are more than aware that someone sitting at the Thanksgiving table does not agree with the FACT that President Obama won this year’s election. A lot of animosity has built from many different directions with this year’s election 2nd term winner. And across our world, there are likely billions of different opinions on how things should have or could have gone. The Thanksgiving Day holiday is not for the negative debates associated with politics. If you know in your heart that you cannot amicably agree to disagree with someone who stands on the other side of the political spectrum than you do, I highly suggest you avoid all political debates with family and friends visiting; be an advocate for political peace this holiday by sharing this advice with others who will be attending the same family function.

7. Keep everyone busy with games and activities

Live, Love, Laugh! That is another favorite phrase we enjoy to quote. So I expect you to be the one making sure that everyone you are spending the Thanksgiving Holiday with is doing just that! Go online and find some fun family games, one really great one is ‘Thanksgiving Fill-In-The-Blank’ find it here.

And when all else fails, gather up the family members and go outside and play some good ol’ ‘Red Rover’!

 8. Drink responsibly

Ok, I would not be holding up my legacy of ‘keeping it real’, if I sat here and pretended that households hosting Thanksgiving Dinner are alcohol free zones. So we all know that yours or someone’s house you know about will have alcohol being served. Decide this year, if you have not already, to be the responsible drinker. Or choose even not to drink at all. Alcohol can bring out the loose tongues, and usually makes individuals begin to argue and address unresolved issues. Do not risk being a part of this scene. Drink responsibly or not at all this holiday and expect to enjoy yourself a lot more for choosing to do so.

9. Say thank you to the cook(s)!

Now look-ee here, Big Mama is not in that kitchen cooking for her health, (smile), so make sure you tell her or the future ‘Big Mama’s to be’, thank you for taking the time to make sure everyone’s belly enjoyed the holiday season as well. Always say thank you to those who are hosting an event that you attend. And if you really want to make them smile, offer to clean up…even if they say no, take out a bag of trash and wash a few dishes; believe me, it is a good look for you later after you have long since gone back to your own home.

10. Enjoy yourself

Most important part about a healthier emotional you during the holidays will be to ensure that you honestly did enjoy yourself. Now all of the tips here are not going to guarantee that those around you will be on their best behavior, but it will ensure that you will have a better holiday experience this year around. Do not take each comment so personally. As my daughter Rose likes to say, ‘Get out your Feelings!’ and as my daughter Denyce says often, ‘It is not that serious!’

Enjoy yourself this Thanksgiving Holiday and make sure you make it, the Best Thanksgiving Day ever!

Written by Authoress, DeAnna ‘Mz DeeVa’ Shields. Ms. Shields aka Mz DeeVa is a Psychology major at UMHB, U.S. Army Widow, Motivational Speaker, Aspiring Life Coach and Family Therapist. She hosts a Relationship Talk show online each week and is a respected inspirational Author of her 2011 self-published Relationship Guide, ‘So Your Hearts Been Broken? Please Get Over It!’

Order your copy here for only $6. Read it now via the NOOK e-reader

So Your Heart's Been Broken? Please Get Over It!

Read Mz DeeVa’s story of past hurts and how she learned to forgive in her memoir ‘Great Sex is Not Love and Never Will Be’

Looking to Support Beyond Trayvon Martin case? Small Ways To Make a Big Difference


Too often myself, and others, say Get Involved. And young and elders everywhere are asking ‘how do I do that?’

No one wants to just talk about it, they want to do more…so look below for a start on how to Make a Difference.

From Amnesty International site

Ten Ways to Make a Difference

Whether you have 5 minutes or more time to spare we’ve got a way for you to make a mark in this world.

Our strength lies in collective action. With over 3 million Amnesty members and supporters, we help individuals around the world whose human rights are being violated.

Here are 10 ways you can make a difference:

1. Take action right now! With so many issues happening all around the world, sign a petition on one of the many human rights issues facing our communities around the world.
2. Attend an event. Events are a great way to get to educate yourself and others about human rights and meet other like minded people in your community who want to take action together.
3. Become a member. We are a movement of people. Each time a new person joins, Amnesty’s light shines brighter on the injustices occurring at different places around the world. Join today.
4. Donate. Your gift helps keep our movement free from corporate influence and independent from government agendas. Donate now!
5. Volunteer. Our network of volunteers have the chance to try almost anything—from phone banking, writing letters and organizing a group to responding to a crisis, leading a lobby effort or carrying out our campaigns—we invite you to explore the diverse volunteer opportunities available to you around the country.
6. Join a Group. Together, the members of our groups take action, reach out to new communities and educate the public about how they can make human rights a reality for all.
7. Follow a Campaign. Are you passionate about a certain issue? Join a network of activists around the country who are using campaigns to teach communities about torture, abolition of the death penalty, ending poverty and more.
8. Shop for a Cause. At our online store you can shop t-shirts and a variety of gifts with a purpose.
9. Write for Rights. Join over 17,000 people in one of the largest events on behalf of political prisoners, human rights defenders and others whose rights are being violated by their governments or corporations.
10. Partner with us. Through collaborations, partnerships and collective action, we can improve the state of human rights here and abroad. If you represent a university, association or agency, explore the ways you can support Amnesty International.

Mz DeeVa,
Author of Relationship series:
‘So Your Heart’s Been Broken? Please Get Over It!’
‘Let’s Talk Relationships: The Exclusive and Not So Exclusive Ones’
‘Great Sex Is Not Love and Never Will Be!’

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Once seen on SXSW stages in Austin, former Ft Hood soldier Laird Oliver releases trendy ‘Groove Wit Me’ for Swing Dancers

Move over and make room for a collab sequel R Kelly, I do believe those who love to 2 step are going to love all night line dancing to Oliver’s newly released ‘Groove Wit Me’ once they allow into their ‘system’.

Austin, Texas’ single and talented Laird Oliver just recently got out of our Military. He once was seen here on the streets of Ft Hood Texas as a proud soldier of ‘The Great Place’ 13th COSCOM.

Laird spent several years of duty in the United States Army. He completed two tours in Iraq, and fresh from honorably stepping out of his uniform June 2011, he is without complaint putting full time energy behind the 2nd level of his music career and life on his push deeper into Mainstream musicland.

Picture your dance partner taking you in circles across the floor as if you are the only couple in the room…yes, we tend to get that way…picture that as you listen closely to Laird’s vocals which have been likened to greats like Al Green and Tyrese. In ‘Groove Wit Me’ he sings:

“Let me tell you what you can do with my love, oooh hold me baby, I can’t help it the way that you look at me, you making me wanna make luv right now …come close turn your body ’round, 2 step, step in the name of love. It’s the weekend baby, let’s have some fun…come on, let’s Groove the night away!”

I’m tempted to put on the 6 inch heels and hit my kitchen floor after playing that one!! 😉

Okay, maybe I am slightly partial because I spent a significant amount of time on the road with this artist back in my music promotion days. Or because my Father, God rest his soul, said of Laird’s then R&B group ‘S Class’: ‘Dee, those boys are going to be something huge one day!’

And you all know better than to argue with me about what my Daddy saidddd, rightttt Righttt!!

*squints eyes in attempt at evil virtual look at any naysayers 🙂

In all seriousness, Laird is an amazing talent that has shared his music across Texas stages for many years now. Some of his most memorable tour days for my entertainment circle were at the world famous SXSW. (that is Austin, Tx HUGE music/film festival South By Southwest for any of you who are unfamiliar with the acronym)

Laird not only has the vocals to support his talent, but adds a very appealing fashionable taste to the stage as well…ladies, a Laird concert is definitely a concert your eyes and ears will thank you for attending!

…awww come on fellahs, she still has to go home with you after standing in that long line for the autograph! 😉

So are we in the mood for some late night intimate grooving ladies? Or do need to shed a few hidden tears fellahs over the beauty who just broke or captured your heart? Well you will definitely want to add to your playlist ‘Cry Out Loud’, ‘Heaven Ain’t Changed’, and ‘Take My Hand’…visit Music link to take a listen.

(DeeVa’s ‘Sounds Like’ tip: If you love Tyrese’s ‘Stay’, you are going to fall for Laird’s ‘Heaven Ain’t Changed’)

Like Laird on Facebook: Laird Oliver!/pages/Laird-Oliver/258825874153991

Read the other Lyrics Breakdown blogs? Well then you should expect this oh so DeeVa like shout out Ladies and Gents:

‘Call your radio stations and demand that they play Laird Oliver’s music!!!!!!!!!

Mz DeeVa,
Author of Relationship series:
‘So Your Heart’s Been Broken? Please Get Over It!’
‘Let’s Talk Relationships: The Exclusive and Not So Exclusive Ones’
‘Great Sex Is Not Love and Never Will Be!’

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Jay Rush Jennings song ‘Float’ speaks a Message Directly to Teens and Middle Age Women

Jay Rush Jennings has put out what is sure to win the 2012 ‘Women’s anthem of the year’ award!

In his newly released ‘Float’, Jay Rush speaks directly to the resilient women around the world who have persevered in spite of life’s drama and lack of support from others.

(Take a listen to ‘Float’ here:

At start of the song there is a message spoken in the tone of a supportive, encouraging man who has taken a ‘ride or die’ position behind the mother of his children:

“29 and on your way to college, been around and still you seeking knowledge. That aint nothin’ a quitter’s gonna do, you’ll be the future that our kids look to.”

As the hook follows, the message sinks in to ‘float on’ and keep going despite the obstacles in the way.

We really like that Jay did not leave out our struggling teens in an era where we are witnessing today’s youth statistics showing high teen pregnancies, their out of control drive to fit in to the wrong circles, uncontrolled STD’s among the girls and boys from community to community and even more increasing numbers of high school drop outs.

Jay speaks a message direct to those teen girls that are going through, saying:

“16 already been in love, you cut class cuz you found you a thug….
…..girl I know you wanna stand out and everyone at school that’s all they talk about, but having babies before you reach your prime, no need to rush just take your time and float on right past the ones who hate on you the most.”

Jay Rush adds via his Facebook: (
“This is motivation for the women out here dealing with the drama, hate and just everyday life struggles; ‘Float’ above all of that, I definitely have your back.”

Inspirational, encouraging, uplifting, those are the songs that Genuine and Real women make their lifetime anthems…where are my Survivors at?? Where are my strong Men that stand behind them? If you are paying attention to this one I say get a copy of ‘Float’ and play that at your next teen or women’s conferences, inspirational socials and events, and as always when I shout out about a great song, Ladies and Gents:

‘Call your radio stations and demand that they play this one!!!!!!!!! ‘

Mz DeeVa,
Author of Relationship series:
‘So Your Heart’s Been Broken? Please Get Over It!’
‘Let’s Talk Relationships: The Exclusive and Not So Exclusive Ones’
‘Great Sex Is Not Love and Never Will Be!’

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Lyfe Jennings is Back and As Always, His Fans Come First!

Lyfe Jennings fans: He’s Baaaaackkkkk!!

Yes, Lyfe is back home and according to the Official Twitter page for Lyfe fans/supporters @TeamLyfe419 he is in the studio as I type!

Of course with this news, we can expect the ‘Hater’s’ to come out of the wood work, but I am positive the hate will only motivate an even greater Lyfe as I read tweet posted less than 24 hours ago from Lyfe Jennings himself:

“@Lyfeonline419 Tell everyone u know, that im back with another 268192

Now we know one of his biggest fans in London, and fav fan of our show @fansince268192 loves that news!!!

Oh ladies, we all remember Lyfe 268-192, right?! Yes we do!! Sony music, release date August 17, 2004. Remember when we got to ‘Must Be Nice’ and our knees got weak?!!

How about the wake up call we got August 15, 2006 when ‘The Phoenix’ was released and women of all ages couldn’t help but take out our notepads and learn something listening to the lyrics of ‘S.E.X.’

Without even asking, I know I was joined by millions of women in ‘classrooms’ worldwide on August 31, 2010 as we set up straight in our chairs mesmerized by the words flowing from our gorgeous teacher in ‘Statistics’ 101!

Did I not drill those statistics Lyfe laid out into you guys ears for weeks and Sundays on our iLast Radio’s ‘Battle of the Sexes’…yes, I know my men listeners probably remember those Relationship Talks even if a few of you ladies, and way too many of the men appear to have forgotten!

I trust that we will not be disappointed and I am going to make sure I stay tuned in daily to Lyfe’s Official Fans and Supporters Twitter page, and you should too.
….yes, Mz DeeVa is indeed #TeamLyfe and I am on the phone now as I answer the request in their last tweet:

“@TeamLyfe419 we want each & everyone of you guys to call up your local radio stations & request Lyfe Jennings music!! LET’S GOOOOOOOO!!!”

I mean, but with this Lyfe-long fan, they only had to tweet that once…how about you? Let’s Talk: Lyfe Edition!!! <<Tweet that #TeamLyfe

Mz DeeVa,
Author of Relationship series:
‘So Your Heart’s Been Broken? Please Get Over It!’
‘Let’s Talk Relationships: The Exclusive and Not So Exclusive Ones’
‘Great Sex Is Not Love and Never Will Be!’

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Are You Still Asking That Old Question ‘Are We Exclusive?’

When did deciding if you were Exclusive become a heavy task?
Are you guilty of asking questions like:

‘Are we a couple now?’
‘Are we done seeing other people?’
‘Are we exclusive?’

Questions like those are really unnecessary to pose when it comes down to it.

Mature people do not need coaching or to be nagged into settling down.

When the relationship is one on one, you both will know. You no longer accept calls from your ex or potential persons to date. You no longer scroll hopefuls in your address book.
Instead you will frequently call and see the one you are choosing to be with. Before that person can doubt if you are thinking about them, you have already sent a text to simply say,

‘Hello, how is your day going? I was thinking of you.’

Do not play mind games like, ‘I’m going to see how long it takes to hear from her/him.’; instead call first, text first,
…no answer? No issue.
Leave a voicemail, write an email. And then go find something productive to do with your time.
Never over obsess the issue of ‘are they really into me too?’
How often they respond and spend time will indeed be your clue to that not so complicated doubtful thought.

Mz DeeVa,
Author of Relationship series:
‘So Your Heart’s Been Broken? Please Get Over It!’
‘Let’s Talk Relationships: The Exclusive and Not So Exclusive Ones’
‘Great Sex Is Not Love and Never Will Be!’

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